University of Toronto


I have always been very passionate about teaching and it is something I very much enjoy doing. I believe the process of learning is very rewarding; for the student and the teacher. As it helps a person successful person unleash the true power of knowledge, and be able utilize this information usefully.

I have worked as Teaching Assistant at the University of Toronto for 2 years in which I have been able to expand my skills and abilities as an educator. In that time; I worked with students under teacher's supervision and guidance (1:1 or small groups) in reaching IEP goals as well as preparation for state exams. I supported numerous classroom teachers in implementing a developmentally-appropriate curriculum for a group of 30 students. I took over and ran the classroom for the teacher when teachers were absent for meetings, trainings, or sick days and I developed effective strategies for classroom management. Other responsibilities included but not limited to clerical duties, prepared classroom assignments, enforced/provided.


Economics (All Levels)

Finance (All Levels)

Math (All Levels)

English (All Levels)

Physics (All Levels)

Computer Science (All Levels)

Statistics (All Levels)

Political Science (All Levels)